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Kolkata’s Most Popular High Energy Bar

Sabka Club, Kolkata’s first and most popular High Energy Pub, is headed by Pratik Agarwal. From its inception it has tried to it has bring a wave of innovation in the hospitality industry. It has been lauded with an endless number of awards by ‘Times Hospitality Icons’, ‘Optimal Media’, ‘Women Food Hospitality Awards’- to name a few.

Their sincere effort is to make dining experience memorable by bringing to the customers a mix of traditional and modern dining. Their extensive menu includes a fine collection of wine and spirits in addition to multi cuisine menu keeping in mind people from every walk of life and their preferences!

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Why choose a Restaurant Franchise?

  • Reason 1

    The foodservice business is a flourishing industry with an expected CAGR of 10% for the five-year time frame somewhere in the range of 2019 and 2024. With such an anticipation the rise should be a worth of INR 5,52,000 crores by 2024, any venture made in this area will prompt productive outcomes and better yield.

  • Reason 2

    By 2024, the Indian food industry is anticipated to have a volume of 77 billion exchanges which is 28.5 percent increment beginning around 2019 alongside a gauge of 10% percent CAGR. With such an extraordinary extension rate, the likelihood of returning high benefits expands manifolds.

  • Reason 3

    With regards to the current scene, India’s economy is among the quickest developing and can possibly be taken advantage of and turn enormous. With numerous other outer powers at work to advance eateries in India, this is a brilliant chance to put resources into the Food and Beverage industry and utilize the increase.

  • Reason 4

    India has over 45% of the populace under 25 years old, which supports the idea of dining out with family and friends than other age group with such a chance and India being one of the biggest worldwide business sectors, putting resources into foodservice industry turns into the ideal decision.


Providing the ace of all the trades and progressing with proficiency of running a restaurant, the team at Sabka Club Restaurants believes in 360 degree excellence.


1) Brand designing and set-up

2) 100% transparency & online support

3) Real-Time Sales Report Access

4) Product and Business Training

5) Provision of a complete in-house team

6) Vendor finalizations and contracts

7) Online food delivery portals contracts

8) Social Media & Digital Marketing

Types Of Franchise

  • Franchise Own &
    Franchise Operated (FOFO)

    The franchise owner will have the total possession and obligation of keeping up with all functional exercises from set up of insides to day by day activities. We will offer full help on the best way to deal with the activities and furthermore have standard reviews to check if the organization processes are followed.

  • Franchise Own &
    Company-Operated (FOCO)

    The franchise owner and Sabka Club will work together where the brand guidelines are maintained. The company will manage the marketing and provide with all the help that is required starting from set up of interiors to daily operations.

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